Gandikota is a village in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is situated on the banks of the Penna river that flows through the rocky terrain resulting in the formation of Gorge (‘Gandi’ in Telugu language), which gives a pleasant touch to the place specially during sunrise and sunset. Gandikota also has ruins of a fort with two ancient temples – Madhavaraya Swamy Temple and Raghunatha Swamy Temple and a mosque – Juma Masjid. 

Belum caves and Lepakshi complement Gandikota with their own charm. Belum caves is a labyrinth with limestone and stalagmite structures formed due to water flowing underground over thousands of years. From the main entrance, it is about 50m deep and 3.3 Kms long, making it the second longest underground cave in the Indian subcontinent. Lepakshi is another village famous for Veerabhadra temple, an architectural marvel.

12 thoughts on “Gandikota

  1. Awesome pictures. Truly incredible India by our very own Incredible Vivek Garg. Very fortunate to see it through your lens. Keep sharing.

  2. About 2 years ago I visited grand canyon and antelope canyons of USA. It’s pitty that we in India are not aware of similar wonderful sights are very much existing within our country.
    Thanks to Vivek, I am also looking forward to visit Gandikota.

  3. Wow Vivek, simply awesome and exotic pix. Your eye for detail and nature’s beauty is amazing These pix are a feast for the eyes. Cheers 👍😊

  4. Lovely pics Vivek. Somehow reminded me of Bellur and Halebid in Karnataka. Have you visited those places? I will certainly recommend you to do that. Well done! 👍👍

  5. Captured the Davidian architecture in all its glory and splendour. Lepakshi has been on my bucket list. Your pictures add to the urgency. You must curate and take enthusiasts like us on a trip.
    If you enjoyed this let Tanjore be your next stop….recommend Darasuram, Gangakondai cholapuram.

  6. Garg Saab!!! Wow! Literally at a loss for words.. especially the underground pics – lajawaab!! Regds Arsh Brar

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