Ring of Fire

December 26, 2019 was marked on my calendar for a long time. Sun, Moon and Earth were scheduled to bring an end to 2019 with the majestic Annular Solar Eclipse. At the peak of the eclipse, the moon covers about 98% of the Sun disk with the outer Sun rim visible from Earth. This phenomenon appears like a ring and is known as the ‘Ring of Fire’.

I was in Kannur, Kerala in Southern India to witness this rare celestial event. A composite picture with key phases of the eclipse is presented here.

Key phases of Annular Solar Eclipse

As the eclipse created its magic, my heart whispered to the Sun…

ए आफताब! हम तो कायल थे तेरे जोश-ए-नूर के लेकिन,
हमने तुझे भी मोहब्बत-ए-महताब के आगोश में देखा है

Oh Sun! I was in awe of your power but,
I can see even you in love with the Moon

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17 thoughts on “Ring of Fire

  1. Beautiful work. Makes your trip to Kannur really special. Must appreciate your patience in capturing these wonderful images. (G S Rao, 704-Tulip)

  2. Wow Vivek! As always the photos are par excellence. Like the eclipse, your photos have left us awestruck!

  3. Wow Vivek simy mind blowing pix. Every फोटो speaks volumes about your passion for photographs depicting nature’s beauty. Good show . Cheers 👍

  4. Your passion towards your photography is amazing, how beautifully you captured all the rare pictures, AMAZING!

  5. Photos are mesmerising. Thank you so much for making us witness this wonderful phenomenon of nature . उसपे ये शायरी इस सोने पे suhaaga

  6. Excellent Vivek, appreciate your enthusiasm and perseverance, .your passion reflects In your pictures ( of course the couplet too).wonderful brother truly proud of your effort.

    Satish Tripathi

  7. Stunning, brilliant, mesmerizing. Continue to keep us educated and enthralled by your passion.

  8. Stunning, magical, mesmerizing. Keep up the perseverance and continue to enthrall us with your passion.

  9. Wonderful photography with excellent description और उसके साथ ये शायराना अँदाज।
    I enjoyed it all.

  10. Wow Vivek…you have captured it so beautifully. Your efforts are praiseworthy. Keep it up ! Cheers….

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