सब कहाँ कुछ लाला-ओ-गुल में नुमायां हो गईं
ख़ाक में क्या सूरतें होंगी कि पिन्हां हो गईं – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

A beautiful flower, sunrise over a mountain peak, colourful canvas in sky…we all are enamoured and inspired by Nature’s blessings. However, there is another world that lives delicately under Nature’s care…a world that is so near to us but remains ‘Pinhan (पिन्हां)’ or hidden from our eyes.

On a closer look, this world opened up! A growing leaf cuddled to find its shape, a flower bud basked in the glory of early colours, a tiny twinkling dew drop dazzled in dreamy patterns….and much more. In such a short life-span, even this unseen world leaves behind so much beauty and serenity.