With Stars at Singalila

Milky Way rises!

Singalila Ridge is located along India-Nepal border near Darjeeling, India. During my trek in Oct’18, I saw different moods of the night sky with Milky Way Galaxy and Stars taking the centre stage…

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7 thoughts on “With Stars at Singalila

  1. Most amazing and awsome night pictures of such clarity and vividness that it takes ones breathe away. They take you into a different dimension altogether and make one realise the microcism that you are in this macrocosm of the milky way. Its Gods gift that you have got. Keep taking such pictures and transporting us into a different world altogether and filling us with a sense of pure delight and awe at the majestic splendour of the Gods creation. God Bless and a heart felt big THANK YOU.

  2. Bro, I am so happy that you have finally found your calling. Great great great pictures 👏👏👏

  3. Wow, what clarity ! Superb pics….do you wait for an opportune moment to click these wonderful pictures or your camera is so powerful?

  4. Beautiful! Band of night light is marvellous. I perceived two human faces with closed eyes and a serene smile on their faces. Somewhat like smiling Buddha! Did you? Great photography indeed. God bless Vivek.

  5. Most amazing pictures of night sky. I have never seen such clear view of Milky way galaxy and star trails.

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